🎯Goals & Stages

Presale Strategy

Maximizing for Participation and Value

Offering 60% of the total $BULL20 token supply during the presale underscores our commitment to fostering a broad and inclusive investor base. By making half of the entire token supply available at this early stage, we aim to provide ample opportunity for a diverse group of investors to join our vision from the outset.

To further incentivize early participation and reward our most ardent supporters, the presale is structured in 12 distinct stages. With each successive stage, the price per token sees a modest increase. This tiered pricing model not only encourages early investment but also ensures a gradual and sustainable price appreciation. By incrementally adjusting the token price, we strike a balance between attracting early adopters and maintaining a steady influx of new investors throughout the presale duration, laying a strong foundation for $BULL20's future growth.

Stage Details

Stage duration is measured in tokens sold, not in time. After reaching a stage goal the next stage will be activated automatically by our smart contract.

Please note: only completed and currently running stages are final. Upcoming stages are subject to change at the discretion of the project team.

If you happen to buy $BULL20 right at the end of a stage you might pay two different prices for your tokens.

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