Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)

The BULL'S DAO is a part of our portfolio where the selection of tokens and the position size is being suggested and voted by our $BULL20 token holders.

Currently, the BULL'S DAO is defined as 20% of the total portfolio.

A Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)

At the core of our community-driven ethos is our DAO, a decentralized governance system that empowers token holders to have a direct say in key project decisions.

  1. Token-Based Voting: Each $BULL20 token represents a vote. Token holders can participate in decision-making processes by casting their votes on various proposals. The more tokens one holds, the more influence they have in the voting process.

  2. Proposal Submission: Any token holder can submit proposals for consideration by the community. This could range from suggesting new tokens for the community part of the BULLFOLIO to strategic project directions or modifications.

  3. Transparent Deliberation: Before any voting takes place, proposals are discussed within the community on the project's Discord server. This ensures that every member has a clear understanding of the implications and benefits of each proposal.

  4. Voting Mechanism: Once a proposal is up for a vote, token holders can cast their votes within a specified timeframe. Proposals that receive majority support are then implemented by the core team.

  5. Continuous Evolution: The DAO isn't static. As the project grows and the crypto landscape evolves, the DAO can adapt, ensuring that the governance model remains relevant and effective.

  6. BULLSHARE Integration: A unique feature of $BULL20's DAO is the BULLSHARE initiative. Through the DAO, token holders can suggest and vote on tokens to be included in the community portion of the investment portfolio, ensuring that a segment of the project's investments is directly influenced by the community.

In essence, the DAO ensures that BULL MARKET INDEX isn't just a project run by its core team but a collaborative venture where every token holder has a voice and a stake in its success.

The BULL'S DAO will also have a voice about other project details such as specifics of the Exit Strategy, for example.

The initial BULLFOLIO creation

The community-defined part of the BULLFOLIO will be available from the very start of our investment journey. To make sure we put what our community of token holders want into the initial portfolio build, while our DAO is still under construction (see Roadmap), buyers can cast their vote for tokens/projects already during the presale stages.

During the presale, only 60% of our tokens are up for sale.

Each token represents one vote and all tokens sold during the presale represent 100%. This gives our community of $BULL20 holders the power over the initial community share of the BULLFOLIO setup.

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