🛒How To Buy

How to buy $BULL20

The following example assumes you use MetaMask, the process is quite similar with other wallets.

Please ensure you have enough funds available for "Approve" and "Buy" gas fees. You need some ETH fractions to pay for gas fees, even if you plan to purchase in USDT.


  • Head over to https://bullrun-as-a-service.com and check the current price per token

  • Click on "Connect Wallet"

  • Your wallet should open and you need to login, if you have not before.

  • Make sure your selected network is "Ethereum Mainnet"

  • Once your wallet is successfully connected instead of the "Connect Wallet" you will see a "Buy BULL20" button.

  • Now, choose if you want to buy using ETH or USDT by clicking the corresponding button.

  • Enter your desired amount. You can either specify how much you want to spend (in ETH or USDT depending on your above choice) or how much you want to receive (in $BULL20).

  • Click on "Buy BULL20" button. Your wallet should show up again.

  • If you never interacted with BULLRUN-AS-A-SERVICE before you need to approve connecting with our ERC20 Smart Contract by clicking the approve button inside your wallet. Please wait until the transaction is approved.

  • Next is a summary of your transaction. You see how much you are spending, how much you are getting and what the expected fee will be. Confirm the transaction by clicking.

  • Wait until the transaction is completed.

Now the website updated and you can see the amount of $BULL20 you purchased.

Buy here: bullrun-as-a-service.com

Please be aware that no tokens are transferred to your wallet yet as this is a Presale. You can claim your tokens as soon as the presale is over.

BONUS: Suggest a Project or Coin

If you have a suggestion of what investment should be included in our initial BULLSHARE setup you can enter a short text message after your purchase. We will build a "hitlist" of all suggestions during the presale where each token represents one vote.

The top voted projects will build our initial BULLSHARE setup.

Please note, we will review all entries and remove anything we will find not appropriate. Also we retain the right to exclude entries if we find those projects in conflict with our investment principles or if the investment would violate any law or regulation.

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