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Understanding complex tokenomics can be challenging. The following is an overview of how it all works, how you can invest, get returns and take profits.

Some Background on Dual-Token Economies

The concept of dual-token models refers to systems based on one blockchain with two native tokens, one of them acting as a means of payment and the other as a governance token. Actually, the roles tokens play may vary depending on the project, but the base idea of this model supposes that one token supports the other and both of them are an integral part of tokenomics. This model is quite popular among the newer generations of blockchain projects.

What is the Dual-Token Model?

The Dual-Token Model is a two-token system used in some blockchain projects to support the flow of liquidity, provide incentives for users, and retain them inside the ecosystem. For example, one token might serve as a medium of exchange for transactions, while the other provides its holders various benefits such as governance rights or staking opportunities.

Pros of the Dual-Token Model

  • Price Stability: The dual-token model can improve the token exchange rate’s stability, mitigating the cryptocurrency market’s volatility. It gives investors a more stable investment option, as they can use the currency token for payments or hold it as an investment.

  • Improved Liquidity: The currency token can be traded on exchanges, making it more liquid and accessible to investors by involving market makers, among others. It provides more opportunities for investors to buy and sell the token seamlessly.

  • Clear Tokenomics, which in this context means clarity about the specific role of each of the tokens within the project’s ecosystem. It ensures that the project’s users and investors understand the value and purpose of each token, as opposed to the confusion that can arise when those roles are mixed.

  • Incentivized Token Usage, which follows from the previous point. As for the utility token, it’s used to access the project’s products or services, which incentivizes its use. And this ensures that the utility token retains value and is not affected by market fluctuations.

  • Improved Governance: In the case of governance tokens, they provide a means for investors to participate in the platform’s governance. It can help align the interests of the platform with those of its investors, creating a more transparent and inclusive ecosystem.

Cons of the Dual-Token Model

  • Complexity: The dual-token model may seem complicated, as it requires investors and users to understand the role and value of each token.

  • Token Economics: Dual-token models require careful consideration of the token economics of both tokens, which can be challenging to manage and balance.

  • Slower Adoption because the dual-token model is still relatively new and unfamiliar to many investors and users.

Notable Examples of Dual-Token Systems

While Axie Infinity's SLP and AXS tokens are often cited, there are other noteworthy dual-token systems. MakerDAO, for instance, utilizes DAI as a stablecoin and MKR for governance. VeChain employs VET for staking and VTHO for transactions. There are many more and these examples demonstrate the versatility and effectiveness of dual-token models in addressing various needs within a single ecosystem.

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Dual-Token Economy

...is what makes our project so powerful. Here is how it works:

Investment & Utility Token - $BULL20

$BULL20 is maximum supply token, which means the amount that can ever exist is limited. Investors can freely buy $BULL20, trade it, and most importantly, stake it.

Staking means that you put your tokens into our smart contract and for every day they are residing within that contract you get rewarded. In our case, this reward is paid every day in $BULLSHARE tokens.

You can withdraw your $BULL20 tokens from the smart contract and use them how you like at any time.

Staked or not, having $BULL20 also allows you to get involved with key project and investment decisions via our BULL's DAO. Each $BULL20 represents one vote here. Proposals for voting will be presented and discussed in our Discord first. Token holders can get a special role so all discussions stay between the investors.

Your Share - the $BULLSHARE Token

At the end of the day, when you buy $BULL20 tokens, you provide liquidity for our investment and trading operations during this bull market. This gives you a share of our portfolio, the BULLFOLIO. Yes, the total value of the BULLFOLIO can and will undergo heavy fluctuations but as outlined in our Expectations as we strive for some big returns over the project lifetime.

Shares in the BULLFOLIO are represented by the $BULLSHARE tokens. This is called Asset Tokenization. The value of your share can always be exactly calculated, it stands as your amount of $BULLSHARE tokens in relation to the total amount of available tokens.

  • The total number of $BULLSHARE tokens that can ever be created ("minted") is limited to a maximum of 6,000 tokens.

  • The maximum amount of investor money going into the BULLFOLIO is hard-capped at the equivalent of 6,000,000 USD.

  • We start with 0 (zero) $BULLSHARE's. You read that right; no team or early investor reservations, no hidden allocations.

  • Whenever a value of $1,000 from selling $BULL20 arrives in the BULLFOLIO, a new $BULLSHARE token is minted and made available as staking reward.

This allows us to calculate the current worth of your $BULLSHARE accurately.


You put $1,000 into the BULLFOLIO by buying $BULL20 tokens and the total from all other investors is $5,999,000, for a $6m total in contributions.

Let's say we made $3 million (3M) from trading at this point.

  • The current BULLFOLIO valuation is 9M (6M invested + 3M gains)

  • Projects "Return-On-Investment" (ROI) therefore is 50.00%

  • Your share of the BULLFOLIO is 0.0167% (your $1,000 vs. 6M total invested)

  • The current value of your share is $1,500 (9M x 0.0167%)

  • Your ROI is also 50.00%

Exchanging $BULLSHARE

While you can always sell to $BULLSHARE peer-to-peer and there will probably be a secondary market on some decentralized exchange we offer two ways of exchanging your tokens:

  1. Pre-scheduled Exchange Periods There will be three prescheduled periods where we buy back & burn $BULLSHAREs from anybody at their current value without any fee or sell tax (you still need to pay the network's gas fees for the transaction).

  2. Exchange-Guarantee In case of an urgent need we will always buy back any amount of $BULLSHARE from anybody at their current value, but there will be a small sell tax. The funds required for the buyback will be taken from the BULLFOLIO, the tax goes back into the BULLFOLIO and the tokens received will be burned (so all other tokens keep their exact value).

Please note, there is a maximum amount of $BULLSHARE we would buy back per day. This is not only to avoid "bank runs" in case of negative news but also because the funds required for the exchange needs to be made available. As you know, the BULLFOLIO is distributed across many networks in many different projects.

Why Dual-Token Economy Matters

The next crypto bull market is an opportunity for substantial gains, and our dual-token system is designed to maximize your potential earnings. By staking $BULL20, you're not just earning $BULLSHARE; you're securing a piece of a diversified and strategically managed portfolio. It's an exciting and potentially lucrative way to engage with the crypto market.

Dual-Token Economy

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