⚙️How It Works

A Quick Overview

Step 1: Get as many $BULL20 as you can

The key to any involvement is our utility token, $BULL20. Get them now for a nice rebate through our presale or buy them later on major decentralized exchanges (DEX).

Why buy early and participate in the presale?

Buying during the presale has huge benefits; each of the 12 stages comes with a nice discount (find more details here), for example the initial stage #1 grants a 50% discount to the listing price!

Also, $BULL20 might be in such huge demand for their staking rewards that you don't even have a change to get them for their initial DEX listing price as the price could very well skyrocket.

Step 2: Stake your $BULL20 and earn $BULLSHARE

As soon as our presale is over and we start our operations you can deposit your $BULL20 into our staking contract. Your incentive?

Each $BULLSHARE token represents a fixed ownership in our crypto portfolio, the BULLFOLIO. Therefore it is always worth a certain percentage of the current BULLFOLIO total value.

Step 3: Enjoy the benefits

Holding our tokens has many benefits. Here is what you can do:

Join our discord, verify yourself as a token holder and start to get involved. You could suggest new projects for investing, discuss market opportunities or just enjoy the discussions.

Enter the BULL'S DAO, make proposals or vote for existing proposals. Shape the way we navigate this bull market!

Now you are not only holding $BULL20 with their intrinsic value, voting power and earning rights, you also enjoy holding $BULLSHARE. As those represent a fixed fraction of the total BULLFOLIO value you will view our trading reports with great attention - it is YOUR value we are creating!

We have defined three points in time where we will sell a predefined amount of the BULLFOLIO and distribute everything between the $BULLSHARE holders. The proposed plan is to sell 25% about 18 month into the bull market, 25% after 24 months and the remaining 50% after 30 months.

Both the percentages and the dates will be up for voting in the BULLDAO.

But, if you feel like the bull market might be coming to an end or you just need some liquidity, you can always exchange your share of the BULLFOLIO (represented by your $BULLSHARE tokens) into liquidity - we gladly swap you $BULLSHARE for ETH at any time. Here, a fee applies which will be added to the BULLFOLIO.

Every $BULLSHARE we exchange for ETH will be burnt (this means "destroyed") and therefore decreases the available total supply!

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