🔓Key Features

The Building Block for Project Success

➡️ Diversified Investment Strategy, by Experts

At the heart of BULLRUN-AS-A-SERVICE lies a meticulously crafted investment strategy, steered by seasoned experts in the crypto realm. Recognizing the vast and dynamic landscape of cryptocurrencies, our team employs a diversified approach, allocating funds across pivotal crypto sectors such as DeFi, Web3, AI, Oracles, GameFi, and many more.

This ensures not only a spread of risk but also the potential to tap into multiple growth avenues. With a keen eye on market trends and a commitment to dynamic portfolio management, our experts aim to navigate the complexities of the crypto world, striving to deliver optimal returns.

➡️ Aggressive Growth Strategy: Fueling our ambitions

In the fast-paced world of cryptocurrencies, a proactive approach is essential, and that's where our aggressive growth strategy comes into play. By actively seeking out and capitalizing on high-potential investment opportunities, we aim to supercharge our portfolio's growth trajectory. This bold strategy, backed by expert insights and timely decision-making, positions us to seize market momentum, amplify returns, and stay ahead of the curve.

For our community of token holders, this means not just participating in a project but being part of a dynamic journey that's geared for exponential growth. With an aggressive growth strategy, $BULL20 isn't just riding the crypto wave; we're aiming to lead it.

➡️ Innovative Dual-Token Economy

Our project's economy is build of two tokens:

  1. $BULL20 is our utility token. The token can be bought/traded and each token represents a vote in our DAO. Once staked, it will earn the most valuable yield, the

  2. $BULLSHARE asset token. Our portfolio, called BULLFOLIO, is represented a fixed amount of these asset tokens. $BULLSHARE can only be earned through staking of $BULL20 and you can always use them to get your share of the BULLFOLIO in cash (ETH).

There is lot more to find out, please refer to A Tale of Two Tokens and Tokenomics for more details.

➡️ Community Involvement: the BULL'S DAO

The BULL'S DAO stands as a testament to our commitment to community involvement, empowering token holders to have a direct say in a portion of our investment portfolio. Through this initiative, every token holder can suggest coins or projects for inclusion, with the top picks making their way into our BULLFOLIO.

As the project evolves, our dedicated BULL'S DAO ensures that this community-driven approach continues, allowing token holders to suggest, vote, and influence the direction of key project decisions. It's not just about maximizing returns; it's about building a collaborative crypto journey.

➡️ Lifetime Restriction: Leave When Markets Peak

This project has a limited lifespan. We will try to catch this upcoming bull market as good as possible, which includes leaving the markets for good when the prices peak.

We will not try to ride a Dead Bull and fall victim to the Bears.

Until we have good data available, for planning purposes we assume this point in time will be reached about 30 months after the next bitcoin halving in April 2024, so we plan to propose (via the BULL'S DAO) to start leaving the markets after like 18 month (sell 25%), after 24 month (another 25%) and fully exit all positions after 30 months (50%).

The defined timeline of BULLRUN-AS-A-SERVICE isn't just a restriction; it's a strategic choice that underscores our commitment to delivering results within a set timeframe. By setting clear boundaries, we channel our efforts, resources, and expertise with laser-focused precision, ensuring that every decision and action is geared towards maximizing returns.

For our token holders, it translates to transparency and predictability, knowing that the team is working with a clear endgame in sight. In a realm where projects can drift indefinitely, our lifetime restrictions stand as a testament to our promise of purposeful growth and timely delivery.

Here is a quick overview about our current planning:

  • Presale & Preparation period (6 months) - to be finished before the 2024 halving

  • Begin of investment operations and start of staking - April 2024

  • Growth period (18 months) - End of 2025

  • Exit I (25%) - Late 2025

  • Exit II (25%) - Mid 2026

  • Exit III (50%) - End of 2026

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