🪙Dual-Token Economy


As previously discussed in A Tale of Two Tokens, our dual-token economy serves as the backbone of our investment strategy. It is designed to maximize returns during the bull market, ensure secure and efficient management of the BULLFOLIO, and ultimately distribute the gains back to our community of investors.

The $BULL20 token is the primary utility token of our ecosystem and operates on the Ethereum network as an ERC-20 token. It serves multiple purposes:

  1. Trading $BULL20 can be freely traded on decentralized exchanges, offering liquidity and accessibility.

  2. Staking Investors can stake their $BULL20 tokens to earn $BULLSHARE tokens as rewards. For example, if you stake 1,000 $BULL20 tokens, you might earn 10 $BULLSHARE tokens over a month, depending on the current staking rate.

  3. Governance $BULL20 holders have the right to vote on key decisions via the BULL'S DAO, empowering the community to shape the project's direction.

Initial Price and Supply:

  • The initial listing price of $BULL20 for it's ICO is set at $0.10.

  • The maximum supply is 100 million tokens.

Staking and Rewards

Staking is not only supported but also highly encouraged. Daily rewards are paid out in $BULLSHARE tokens, and there is no lockup period required. This means you can unstake your $BULL20 tokens whenever you wish.

Token Allocation

The token allocation is designed to prioritize investors while also setting aside funds for marketing, rewards, development, and liquidity:

  • Investors: 80%

  • Marketing, Rewards & Development: 10%

  • Liquidity: 10%

There are no special allocations for team, partners or advisors. Who wants to participate needs to buy & stake $BULL20, including the project founders.

The $BULLSHARE token is the asset tokenization token in our ecosystem, also based on the Ethereum ERC-20 standard. It has unique features:

  1. Fixed Portfolio Share Each $BULLSHARE token represents a fixed share of the BULLFOLIO. For instance, if the BULLFOLIO is worth $1 million and you hold 10 $BULLSHARE tokens, your share would be equivalent to $10,000.

  2. Redemption $BULLSHARE tokens can be redeemed for their current value at any time through a specific smart contract, which pays in ETH and subsequently burns the redeemed tokens.

Initial Price and Supply:

  • The initial price is set at $1,000

  • The maximum supply is 6,000 tokens.

$BULLSHARE tokens will only be created in direct relation to money being being invested into our BULLFOLIO through selling $BULL20 tokens. For every $1,000 coming in 1 $BULLSHARE is minted and send to the reward pool automatically.

Token Allocation

  • Investors: 100%

Burn Mechanism

To maintain the value of $BULLSHARE tokens, any token returned to the Smart Contract is burned.

Buy/Sell Tax

There is a 0% sell-tax during three scheduled exit events, allowing investors to maximize their profits. Outside of these events, a 10% tax is applied to discourage frequent trading and maintain stability.

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