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Getting the Goods

Token Presale Process

1. Introduction:

The $BULL20 token presale is a pivotal phase in our project's lifecycle, offering early supporters an opportunity to acquire tokens at preferential rates. This phase is designed to raise the necessary funds to kickstart our investment strategies and operational activities.

2. Token Allocation:

A total of 100,000,000 (100M) $BULL20 tokens will be available. Of these, 60,000,000 tokens (60%) are allocated to the presale.

3. Presale Stages:

The presale is divided into 12 distinct stages. With each subsequent stage, the price per token increases incrementally. This tiered approach rewards early participants with the most favorable rates.

4. Funding Goal:

Our hard cap for the presale is set at $4,750,000 USD. This amount represents the sale of the entire allocation of 60,000,000 tokens.

5. Token Distribution:

During the presale, participants' funds are collected and their corresponding token amounts are recorded. However, tokens are not immediately created and distributed. Once the presale concludes, we will automatically put participants tokens into our staking contract to earn rewards (paid in $BULLSHARE token).

Staked $BULL20 tokens can be unstaked at any moment to be transfered or sold.

Staked $BULL20 will be eligable to participate in BULL'S DAO votings.

6. Use of Presale Funds:

A portion of the funds raised during the presale will be allocated for marketing initiatives to bolster the project's visibility and outreach. Overall, funds will be utilized as outlined in our tokenomics.

7. Security Measures:

To ensure the utmost security and transparency, the presale will be conducted through a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain. We are committed to having this smart contract audited and will publish the audit results on our website for public scrutiny.

8. Community Engagement:

Throughout the presale, we will maintain active communication channels via our social media platforms, updating our community on milestones reached, remaining tokens, and any other pertinent information.


The $BULL20 token presale is not just a fundraising activity; it's the first step in our journey towards creating a robust investment platform. We invite our community to join us in this venture, ensuring a transparent, secure, and rewarding experience for all.

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