🏃Exit Strategy

Getting Away With It

A Thoughtful Exit Strategy

Our Exit Strategy is not just an endgame plan; it's a testament to our commitment to delivering sustained value to all our token holders. By reinvesting all earnings in early operations phase, we harness the power of compound growth, allowing the portfolio to flourish and maximize potential returns.

The crypto market is known for its volatility, and while this presents numerous opportunities for high returns, it also comes with its own set of risks. This is why BULLRUN-AS-A-SERVICE has a well-defined exit strategy to ensure that we maximize profits for our investors while mitigating risks.

➡️ Timing the Market

Predicting the exact duration of a bull market is challenging, but historical data and market cycles provide valuable insights.

By comparing the current bull market with previous cycles, particularly those of Bitcoin, we estimate the next bull market to last between 518 to 546 days. This analysis forms the basis of our exit strategy but we will adjust as things develop, of course.

➡️ Phased Liquidation

To ensure that we capture the most value from the bull market, we have planned a phased liquidation strategy. The BULLFOLIO will be liquidated at three key points:

  1. Late 2025: 25% of the BULLFOLIO will be sold and distributed to investors.

  2. Mid 2026: Another 25% will be liquidated and distributed.

  3. End of 2026: The remaining 50% will be sold off and distributed.

These are proposed dates and percentages, the final decision will be made by the BULL'S DAO.

➡️ Distribution to Investors

The proceeds from each liquidation phase will be distributed among $BULLSHARE holders according to their stake. As there are no additional staking rewards or bonuses, 100% of the liquidated assets will go back to the investors.

➡️ Community Involvement

The BULL'S DAO will play a crucial role in the exit strategy. Token holders will have the opportunity to vote on the percentages and the specific dates for each of the three liquidation phases. This ensures that the strategy is aligned with the community's interests.

➡️ Conclusion

Our exit strategy is designed to provide a structured and community-driven approach to liquidating the BULLFOLIO. By carefully timing the market and involving the community in key decisions, we aim to maximize returns while minimizing risks.

This phased approach ensures liquidity, stability, and a predictable exit for our investors. In essence, our exit strategy is designed with foresight, ensuring that every phase of the project culminates in tangible benefits for our token holders.

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